Martial Arts for Women

Martial Arts For Women

Phoenix Personal Fitness & Martial Arts Women’s Martial Arts classes teach a system that uses natural body movements to overcome larger and stronger attackers.

See what Students in Chestertown, MD are saying about our martial arts programs!

Mary Beth Apperson

This place is Amazing! As a college student, I was looking for self-defense classes. I found that and much much more here! I’ve only been going for short time, yet I’ve grown in my confidence going to women’s self-defense classes! Definitely worth it!!

Julianne Hood

From the first moment that I attended classes at Phoenix Personal Fitness & Martial Arts, I have felt very welcome and everyone is so helpful. What I love the most is that the focus is on self-defense and how to protect yourself outside the dojo. Mark Pagano is very friendly, approachable, and a great teacher who meets the needs of every student.

Meghan Caban

I can’t say enough good things about Phoenix Personal Fitness & Martial Arts. Mark Pagano is fun and easy to learn from. You learn good practical applications for self-defense. If you want to learn how to protect yourself, you should check out Phoenix Personal Fitness & Martial Arts.