July Updates Week 2

July 7, 2024

08 July 2024

Chestertown Do Jang

  • Regular Class Schedule Monday through Thursday, and Saturday
  • Friday 07-12 Judo Clinics – 5:30 PM Beginners; 6:45 PM Advanced

Easton Do Jang

  • Regular Class Schedule Monday through Wednesday
  • Talbot County Fair July 11-14: Check with KSN Campbell for Schedule Changes


Weekly Outstanding Students


Leader of the Week – Azumi Espejo

Student of the Week – Caleb Cornell

Tang Soo Spirit of the Week – Kaleb Hill


Leader of the Week – Elaine Morris

Student of the Week – Gabriel McGlinchey

Tang Soo Spirit of the Week – Daven Whalen


In this Do Jang, Failure is not an Option…it is a Requirement. The Best Learning Happens through Failed Attempts, and the only True Failure is Quitting.

Don’t Give Up!


Belt Tests and Promotions

  • Gup and Testing: July 26 at 5:30 PM in Easton


Climb the Mountain…not so that the World can see you, but so that you can see the World.


Summer/Fall Important/Fun Dates

  • Talbot County Fair – Thursday July 11th through Sunday July 14th
    • Speak with KSN Campbell about Helping Out

[email protected]        410-980-0598

  • Leadership Beach Training/Fun Day – Saturday July 20th
    • Tang Soo Do Training on the Beach in the early morning and then enjoy the rest of the day having Fun at the Beach!
  • Chestertown Crazy Days of Summer Demos Saturday July 27th
    • NEW! Downtown Chestertown Association and Kent County Recreation enjoyed our Saturday in the Park Demo so much that they have asked us to Appear at the Crazy Days of Summer Event! Talk to Sa Bom Nim and KSN Marvel about joining the Demo Team and details!
  • Mid-Atlantic All Female Karate Tournament Saturday September 07
    • This will be the First tournament of the Fall Season. Many of our Women and Girls have had Fun attending this competition. We will prepare for it in August.
  • CS Kim Karate Inter-School Tournament: Monroeville, PA November 2nd
  • Ketchen’s Tae Kwon Do Tournament: Buffalo NY November 23rd


What lies Behind us and what lies Before us are tiny matters compared to what lies Within us.

Henry Stanley Haskins


July/August – Clinics/Events

July 11 – Leadership Event: Talbot County Fair-Easton

July 12 – JUDO Clinic: Chestertown at 5:30 PM-Beginners and 6:45 PM-Advanced

July 12 – Leadership Event: Talbot County Fair-Easton

July 13 – Leadership Event: Talbot County Fair-Easton

July 14 – Leadership Event: Talbot County Fair-Easton

July 20 – Leadership: Rehoboth Beach Trip 8:00 AM

July 26 – Gup Test in Easton at 5:30 PM

July 27 – Leadership Event: Downtown Chestertown-Crazy Days of Summer


Just Don’t Quit!

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